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15/06/2020 :: WORKING FROM HOME

Since COVID-19 many people are now working from home and it is likely that many of those office workers/employees/employers and other staff members will continue for the foreseeable future. Whilst ´╗┐this may be the only alternative to continuing to keep a business going through these unprecedented times the risks to users whether at home or in the office is still the same. It may be argued that its a much higher risk working from home due to health and safety policies not put in place. We can therefore offer a home PAT testing service at no extra cost to our normal pricing structure. Our engineers will adhere to the social distancing and will be wearing the correct PPE gear at all times. 

22/04/2020 :: COVID-19 UPDATE:

We are still open for business during this time. Our staff are working remotely but we can arrange for your PAT testing to be done under our strict policy of social distancing and wearing PPE gear if needed. If your offices are closed, we are still able to carry out our work with your permission and social distancing compliance. Please contact us if you need more information regarding this. Thankyou for your patience at this difficult time.

15/04/2020 :: COUNTERFEIT PLUGS:

A new type of counterfeit BS1363 plug has been circulating the UK.

Made in China, this is a rewireable plug with an insulated shutter opening device (ISOD). To comply with BS1363-1, a plug with an ISOD must be of a non-rewireable type. Please be aware of this on the market.

Counterfeit plugs have been in circulation in the UK for several years now and have already been widely used in many different industries. Please remove from service if found! If you find the earth pin on UK plugs partially insulated or has no fuse then this is counterfeit.